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Matthew Potter, Ephemera Arts

Located in a residential/business building on Broadway next door to Bingham Cyclery, Ephemera Arts has quickly become a standout addition. Filling the void that nearby Palmer’s left in 2009, owner and resident artist Matthew Potter wanted to bring life back to the area while also showcasing unique artists. He took over an empty warehouse-like area and transformed its open space into an inviting display room.

LED orb lights, abstract paintings and morphed pottery, accompanied by musical performances by some of Utah’s finest bands, make for an awesome visit every gallery stroll. And the view of Pioneer Park isn’t too shabby, either. 336 W. 300 South, No. 109.

Mattew Potter

Matthew Potter

Matthew Potter is a formally educated abstract painter who had early childhood influences from his sister, also a painter. He's been painting seriously since the tenth grade and began his art career in the third grade with masking tape and tissue figure sculptures.

His abstract process involves departing without particular destination, having the flexibility to allow serendipitous occurrences, which then are exploited in a process of creation and destruction, until there is minimal discomfort with the piece and it's allowed to be called "finished". Figurative and portraiture are also favorite explorations.

Matthew is a veteran of the Salt Lake City studio scene, has exhibited locally, and received regional award for his artwork. His painting is in numerous collections regionally and Matthew is proud having a painting in a collection with a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture.



Alice Bain

Alice Bain is originally from the Bahamas. She graduated with a BFA from the University of North Carolina and an MA from DePaul University in Chicago, both cum laude, and has been living in Salt Lake City since 2006. She has been instructed by the Universe to make Art with Light, and has waited twenty (impatient) years for cool-to-the-touch light-emitting diode technology to catch up with her artistic vision. Here are the results. Enjoy.


Angie Schneider

Angie Schneider

I have a compulsion to create beautiful objects... For about twelve years now, I have been attempting to do this using clay and glaze. I am intrigued by the interaction between people and the objects they use often, and I enjoy making these small moments more meaningful through the use of handmade pottery. Although most of my work is functional, I also make sculptural, non-functional forms. My sculptural forms are a departure from the constraints of useful objects, and allow for a different avenue of expression, using pure form and color.

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Allison Martin

Paul Consiglio

Paul grew up in the once very hard working, industrial steel and grain city of Buffalo,NY, now known as Zero City. He started to pursue college degree with the love of the data and bleeps with a computer science major. Within a year of number crunching and attempting to learn a language from another planet, he decided to switch his focus to his real passion — design/photography. Since Buffalo has molded hime into a very eclectic and artsy being, Buffalo State’s Design program was perfect for his venture. After four lovely years I finally received my BS in Design.

Paul is currently the owner of 72pixels, creating design for those in need.




336 West 300 South # 109
Salt Lake City, UT 84101